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Compostable vs Recyclable

Recycle vs Compost title with plants behind it.

Packaging is a tricky beast. It's not something we like to use, but it's a must to get our greens to you. To be planet friendly I thought plant based compostable packaging was the way to go. It sounds earth friendly but the truth of the matter is, it's not unless used correctly, and most people don't. You the consumer must do it correctly, or it will contaminate the recycle process and wind up in the trash pile, taking a minimum of 80 years to decompose. What? That sounds crazy! Here are the details...

  • rPET (plastic from recycled sources, and recyclable) is easy to recycle, available nearly everywhere vs PLA (plant based bio-plastic) MUST be recycled in a commercial compost system, NOT home compost

  • PLA uses GMO corn crops that use a tremendous amount of water and toxic pesticides vs rPET that can be recycled over and over again

  • rPET encourages recycling vs PLA winds up as litter or fills landfills because the compostability is mis-understood and the product does not just break down if left to compost at home

I've come to the conclusion that I would like to make the switch to rPET as needed it's time to re-order packaging. Especially when it comes to the 16 oz container, which hold our 2 oz wt of microgreens. If you would like to request your home delivery still be PLA, you can request that and I will keep some aside for you, as I am moving forward with using rPET.


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