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I'm Tracy, welcome to my farm!  Twin Leaf Farm is a woman owned, urban, vertical farm located in Bellingham WA.  I specialize in premium superfood microgreens that are deliciously easy to add to your diet.  I provide fresh  microgreens to my community via home delivery subscriptions, staff room drop off, farmers markets, Living Pantry and Community FREEDGE.

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About the farm

A vertical farm is a form of indoor agriculture where crops are grown on vertically stacked racks, rather than in a traditional flat layer like a field or greenhouse. The environment is closely monitored, with factors such as light, temperature, and humidity being carefully managed. Non-GMO and organic seeds are used, along with orga growing  mediums and amendments. No pesticides or herbicides are applied, and strict cleaning habits are maintained using natural cleaning products. All of these measures come together to produce the highest quality microgreens available.

I package the greens in compostable containers.  You can read more about that here.


I'm happy to respond to your questions and suggestions.  Getting in touch by text or email is preferred because I keep an odd schedule.  If you call and I don't pick up, please leave a voicemail so I can get back to you. 

360.320.6677  text (best)

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